Driving back home after leaving my job of 8 years

To be able to write is a gift. It is the pursuit of writing that makes you feel everything all over again — month by month, place by place, person by person. When you stay at a single workplace as long as I have, you get so integrated into the system, so comfortable with the … Continue reading Driving back home after leaving my job of 8 years


The house that my parents built in 1998 had an open courtyard in the middle. Around that time, many new houses had started to appear in the lanes of my small Indian town, though none that I had come across had any open courtyards. All of these seemed to have closed lobbies, an architectural style … Continue reading Spaces

Word of the Year

A few years ago, I decided to do away with the ritual of setting New Year resolutions, and instead focus on giving myself small goals throughout the year in the hope that incremental improvements will add up to something significant eventually And then analyzing each passing year in retrospect and gathering my “word” or “key … Continue reading Word of the Year

To do or Not to do

There's only one eternal truth: Gossiping feels great You had a spat with your colleague and you are eager to tell the world how unreasonably and rudely they have acted out.You also want to call attention to your kind, co-operative and cheerful demeanour towards them. You want to shout at the rooftops about how people … Continue reading To do or Not to do

Epiphanies of a restful mind

It’s been more than a month since I quit facebook and the drags of instant gratification it offers. The initial motivation had been to reduce screen time in an attempt to protect the precious pair of eyes on me. Having welcomed the New Year with a late noon meal seated under a perfect winter sun … Continue reading Epiphanies of a restful mind